Rating System

Placing numerical ratings on art is for entertainment purposes and guidance only. For myself, ratings are purely reflective of my personal listening experience, enjoyment and intellectual response, disregarding influence or historical importance. Here is the general concept behind my ratings and recommendations:

10/10Amazing: One of the best and most essential works, very highly recommended.
9/10 - Excellent: Consistently outstanding and worthy of praise, highly recommended.
8/10 - Great: Worth your time and attention, generally recommended.
7/10 - Good: Worth your time but not essential, recommended for enthusiasts.
6/10 - Decent: Good but flawed, recommended for fans of similar works or enthusiasts.
5/10 - Fair: Middling or mediocre, has good and bad traits, generally not recommended.
4/10 - Poor: Uninteresting or too flawed to be worth your time, not recommended.
3/10 - Bad: Generally frustrating, pointless, or uninteresting, avoid.
2/10 - Dreadful: Painfully bad and frustrating, actively avoid.
1/10 - Abysmal: The worst of the worst, avoid at all costs.