Don Rawitsch / MECC - The Oregon Trail (1971), 3/10

The original Oregon Trail game is a text based experience that almost does not qualify as a video game based on modern standards. Text based adventures were plentiful but this iteration was created as an educational experience by Rawitsch for his students. The original experience is not worth revisiting, even as a standout amongst text-based games, its age can be felt and does not produce a worthwhile game. With no sense of fantasy and little in the way of imagination, its presence as a text game is underwhelming and uninteresting. The 1978 re-creation of the game, however, is certainly worth a playthrough if not several with added visuals and ambience. It is still used as a teaching tool but provides an entertaining exercise in resource management while explaining some of the harsh realities of pioneer life. So for the gameplay of modern iterations, The Oregon Trail deserves attention. As a relic of the past in its original form it does not. There are inaccuracies, of course, but as a general experience it is both enjoyable and informative. Considering modern competition, the game does not occupy some majestic classic status but still has its individual charm.