Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Charles Dutoit / Martha Argerich - Klavierkonzert Nr.1 b-moll (1971), 7/10

A stunningly beautiful recording of Tchaikovsky's Piano concerto #1. I vastly prefer this over the Van Cliburn recording, but I am admittedly biased toward Argerich's performances and Dutoit's conducting, beyond just this piece and its individually clear elegance. This recording is exceptionally focused on the beauty of the piece rather than emphasizing the harsher traits of the composition, resulting in a performance that is simply more endearing and fluid rather than harsh and pointedly literal. Argerich's playing style blends perfectly with Tchaikovsky's works and this one in particular does a great service in showcasing her talents as a pianist along with the orchestra’s outstanding execution alongside her pronounced lead. The piece itself has a unique quality in classical as one that keeps your attention from beginning to end, keeping an impressive momentum through dynamics and powerful leading melodies. Of course, there are many interpretations of this piece but this is the most fitting as a grandiose one; it hosts an almost theatrical yet supremely focused and successful, remarkably moving air. I would label it as a staple among the major concertos and I am not alone in that evaluation. The recording itself adds a personal touch to an already emotionally moving performance. There are sections of rapid playing that truly reflect Argerich’s technical talent, you can hear a surprising amount of detail in the midst of the complexity. In so many words, a simply wonderful and stunning performance that easily separates itself from others with its extraordinarily consistent excitement and aesthetically flawless execution.