Parker / Guy / Lytton & Schlippenbach Trio - 2 × 3 = 5 (2001), 6/10

Parker, Guy, Lytton, Schlippenbach and Lovens make a great ensemble, blending an interesting variety of approaches and styles of free jazz. It is not my favorite release from any of these musicians, but certainly worth a listen for its various passages ranging from aggressive to delicate. There is enough variety to maintain interest for the entirety of the performance, but nothing I would call earth-shaking in the performance, making it enjoyable but not their best work from an individual standpoint. I do think its presence as one lengthy track gives it an interesting fluidity and form, as there is practically no significant loss of momentum in a seventy-seven minute long-form song, which is quite a feat. Still, a great single performance and worthy of the names on the disc. Perhaps one of the best releases featuring the Schlippenbach Trio.