Aki Takahashi / Mifune Tsuji / Matthijs Bunschoten / Tadashi Tanaka - (Last Composition) Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (28 May 1987) (Released 2011), 7/10

Feldman’s final chamber composition displays a similar set of motifs as his other renowned late works such as For Samuel Beckett and his infamous lengthy compositions For Philip Guston and Sting Quartet No. 2. This package is much more concise yet similar in tone, therefore also more rushed. While it never reaches the climax of his longer works, the composition has many successes and moments of genuine anxiousness very similar to Routine Investigations or particularly The Viola in My Life. Clearly one of his most focused and successfully disquieting arrangements, perhaps its outstanding level of centeredness stems from its place after such vast and dense projects. The second half of the piece moves more fluidly and goes further and deeper in its explorations, covering a much broader set of themes. They are surprisingly equally as effective as the first, however, and make it more enjoyable for its breadth of sound, also reaching higher peaks and lower valleys in its narrative. A sadly overlooked recording of this wonderful composition featuring Aki Takahashi who masterfully recorded many of Feldman’s most important piano-centric pieces.