Tyler the Creator - Igor (2019), 7/10

Although I haven't traditionally found much appeal in Tyler's music beyond surface level enjoyment, Igor exists as an entirely distinct and unparalleled album in the context of his career. It defies conventional categorization, circumventing the boundaries of pop, rap, or soul to manifest as something genuinely moving for just about anyone, imbued with a sense of romance and melody that captivates the senses. While not very track on the album lives up to hype, the lesser tracks are exceptions to the rule, as most are simply vulnerable and soulful creations. Its lo-fi sensibilities in moments adds to the general intimacy and its appeal as a raw album but also as from a sensually charged sonics perspective. The artistry contained within the instrumentation and performance, particularly exemplified in the track "Gone, Gone / Thank You," serves as a testament to the very essence that makes these songs so captivating and enjoyable. With each subsequent listen, the compositions unfold, revealing layers nuance that only serve to deepen its personal connection. The allure of the record lies not only in its lyrical content but also the meticulous craftsmanship from an at times overlooked musician from a talent and knowledge perspective. Tyler demonstrates an extraordinary ability to manipulate and mold various elements of sound, resulting in a sonic tapestry that accentuates Igor's narrative and structure as an album. From the meticulously crafted melodies to the harmonies carefully layered within, each carefully placed sound intertwines, creating an immersive auditory experience that unravels with unrivaled finesse, particularly considering Igor's context. It transcends the limitations of this specific era of hip hop especially by skillfully amalgamating disparate genres and influences, creating an album with wide appeal yet that has flair and value in its details. The result is an artistic creation that resonates on a profoundly emotional level, taking listeners on a transformative journey of introspection and contemplation, yet more importantly providing a simple, satisfying set of songs with an entertaining story. Undoubtedly his best up to this point.