INU - Meshi Kunna! (1981), 6/10

Meshi Kuuna! is an endlessly energetic and passionate set of Japanese post-punk songs. Things start off with perhaps the most grabbing song in the track list in "Fade Out" and its piercing guitar work, along with one of the most memorable riffs from the record. As with many great post-punk records, the rhythm section is outstanding and propels many of these songs to new heights, particularly the quirky duo on the A side "Slippery Vase" and "Uncle and Aunt". We also get a refreshingly dark and sinister group of songs in "Light Cider B (Discussions and Hell)" and "Merry Go Round" before bringing things to an optimistic close with "Crazy". Kou Machida's vocals are unique and eccentric, and become a distinguishing factor against other post-punk of the era, exemplified by his raw, passionate delivery. While the energy can ebb and flow, there is a consistent approach to songwriting and the band has a consistent vitality that carries through the rapidly paced adventure. The aesthetic is surprisingly familiar for post-punk fans and enjoyable for just about anyone. Moments of darkness are perfectly balanced with optimistic charm, and there is a seemingly endless surplus of catchy guitar riffs and hulking bass lines. Front to back fun.