8 Bold Souls - Last Option (2000), 4/10

Another album leaning more into the band's dynamics than freedom in performance, but excels more in creating a unique atmosphere than Ant Farm did, by miles. I attribute this to a more varied rhythm section, especially in regards to Bankhead's performances on bass. There is a bit of a soul-infused disposition that is a welcome change, and the individual performances take a swing back in the right direction towards a certain freedom and high creativity. There is certainly not the unbridled chaos as on their self-titled and it is still missed when comparing the two. As with their previous work, there is still a significant use of space and sparse performance and arrangement styles in sections; this can work in favor of the intended concept yet to the detriment of a lasting impact especially on something like the second half of the opening "Odyssey". There isn't necessarily a standout track, but the bookends of the record are the strongest sections as the middle three tracks lack any memorable performances in comparison. "Gang of Four" and "Brown Town" are two of the strongest grooves while the opening two tracks provide a juxtaposed sincerity in exploration of dynamics. Not their best release but certainly not their worst.