Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982), 8/10

Plastic Surgery Disasters is surprisingly equal in intensity to its predecessor Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, even while providing an entirely different pretense, and a very formidable successor to one of the greatest punk records ever recorded. The pace is somehow still blistering despite some longer tracks sprinkled in, likely due to the entirely aggressive sonic qualities and extremely raw delivery. Its silly quality sometimes trumps its effectiveness, but it remains convincing and powerful for the majority of its runtime. The performances are never lacking, however, in either passion or technicality, providing a very strong backbone for Biafra’s antics. The satire is staged immediately with the spoken intro, then the narrative sparks with pure electricity in "Government Flu", a tune that utilizes East Bay Ray's frantic and piercing tone to its absolute maximum. "Terminal Preppie" exemplifies what fans love about Dead Kennedys the most; the humor and shock that they bring here is absolutely fantastic, followed by a ferociously strong few tracks on the rest of the first side. "Halloween" has a deeply satisfying riff and a striking, eccentric-as-ever vocal performance from Biafra. The jangly riff in "Moon Over Marin" closes things off perfectly and leaves us deeply satisfied after the wonderfully angst-ridden punk journey that is this album. Plastic Surgery Disasters displays pretty much everything that made Dead Kennedys great. Poignant, nihilistic, and politically charged lyrics, and destructive, passionate instrumentals from beginning to end.